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Computer Repair Arlington Heights

If you live in or around Arlington Heights, Illinois and you would like an electronic repaired by top notch technicians, the Arlington Heights Computer Company technicians can help you take care of those issues. The Arlington Heights Computer Company provides computer repair, laptop repair, cellphone repair, and phone repair. Our technicians with our company are professionals and they are very experienced within this line of work. If you have questions regarding your electronic issues our technicians will be happy to assist you.

Our Arlington Heights Computer technicians have both business and residential services as well. The residential services that we offer are computer repair, wireless and wired home networking issue help, troubleshooting for high speed internet connections, data backups and recovery, upgrading computers, working on custom computers, and repairing computer parts and accessories as well. The business services that we have are troubleshooting systems, computer repair, implementing and designing computer systems, installing servers, network support, and maintaining and troubleshooting Windows and Linux computers. These services also include corporate mail server issues too. Call us right now if you are looking for ‘computer repair near me in Arlington Heights’!


The Arlington Heights Computer Company has great rates for all of our electronic services that we offer. Our prices may change but are usually $25.00 for quick fix jobs which are 15 minutes or less and around $180.00 for the 2-hour service jobs. We recommend our customers let technicians pick up their electronics and return the product the next day as this gives the technicians the chance to better look over all issues that are going on and fix them all. We have free diagnostics and evaluations too. This is a free service and is no extra charge. It is offered to all customers.

In addition to the above services offered, we have house calls as well. These house calls are usually repaired right inside the home or the place of business. Also, these issues are generally network issues. If the house call is performed, a technician will come to your house or your business and take care of the issue by going into your network and fixing the electronic issue from there. The Arlington Heights Company has instant support as well. This type of support allows the customer to go to our website and download a program which allows the technician access to their network via the program that was downloaded. By doing the service in this manner, the technician can take a better look at what is causing the issue. However, the instant support service is generally for minor issues. If you want the best laptop repair, computer repair, cellphone repair, or phone repair then you should let our technicians help you out. Do not looking for ‘laptop repair near me in Arlington Heights’ any longer – we are here to help you in your needs!