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Do you backup your data?

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Unfortunately many of our first time customers answer no to this simple question. Being in the computer repair business we can see first hand how painful it is when the hard drive crashes and everything is gone. How would you replace your photos, music, financial information, documents, emails and address book? Regardless of what you may loose – it is a real loss and many times its value cannot be even measured in dollars and cents. What price do you put on your memories when you loose years of your kids pictures?

Don’t take any chances if you have anything important on your computer. Get a backup solution suitable to your needs. Let us help you to choose and install a backup that will protect your data if anything happens to your computer system. About one in fifty computers we work on (or 2 percent) have a broken hard drive that cannot be read any more. Don’t let that happen to you.


For most companies, data is their most valuable asset. According to the National Archives and Records Administration, 93% of companies that lost their data for ten days or more declared bankruptcy within a year and 50% of those businesses that were without data management for 10 days, filed for bankruptcy immediately. Ask yourself what kind of shape your business would be in if you were to lose all of your data including your customer records, your accounts receivable, payroll records, vendor records, and even the software you need to run the business. You simply cannot afford that to happen. Call us to set up an appointment to discuss your backup strategy and develop a sound disaster recovery plan.

Backup? What do you mean?

Simply put a copy of whatever it is you cannot afford to loose.


Anywhere else other than your computer from which the copy is made.
Ideally in another location in case of disaster but a flash drive, CD/DVD or external hard drive is a good start.


Frequently and automatically so the data is as current as possible and so you don’t have to remember to do it.

How much does it cost?

That will depend on how much data you need to back up, how often, and where to.

  • CD or DVD is the least expensive but of limited capacity, slow, and require manual procedure. 25C for 4.7GB DVD
  • Flash drives are a bit more expensive but faster, with more storage space and very convenient. Can be made to run automatically if left inserted. $19 .99 for 8GB flash drive
  • External hard drives have tremendous capacity – up to 1.5TB are fast and although bulky compared to flash drives are still portable enough. $150 for 750GB external hard drive
  • Online backup. Automatic, practically unlimited capacity, and off-site. Requires high speed Internet connection and small monthly or annual fee. By far the best option for most businesses. $10/month for 10GB

Recovery? What do you mean?

Well, if you are the unlucky one to loose your primary storage (i.e. your hard drive fails completely) then the data needs to be restored from your backup device. Usually your hard drive needs to be replaced with a new one, Windows reinstalled along with all the drivers and applications and then your data transferred from your backup back to your computer. Sounds simple but usually it’s quite complicated.

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