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Digital Ventures - Servers and Networks

The term – “networks” includes a wide range of services:

Installing and configuring Wired or Wireless Networks
  • If you do not have a network yet but you are thinking about installing one we can do it for you regardless whether it is wired or wireless network. As a matter of fact this is a very important question to ask yourself – do I want/need a wired or wireless network? Let us help you to decide – in some cases you may be better off with a wired network. Keep in mind that wireless networks are not nearly as reliable and fast as the wired networks. As a matter of fact they don’t work at all some times so your house or place of business should first be tested for wireless coverage and range.

Troubleshooting Wireless Networks
  • If you have a High Speed Internet at home or your office you most likely have a router (wired or wireless) and that means you a have a network. We are experts at troubleshooting network problems so if you experience a problem we can help.

  • Quite often people do not realize that wireless networks have very limited range and are susceptible to attenuation (degradation of signal with a distance) and interference. Under perfect conditions (no obstructions like walls or furniture) with a clear line of sight and no interference from other radio signal sources the wireless network can have a range of 300 to 500 feet. It can even be extended to over a mile with special antennas. But that is a very rare situation as we are surrounded by many different radio sources and there are always walls and furniture in our homes and offices. In a typical home/office environment the usable range is limited to anywhere from 50 to 150 feet. There are many ways to extent this range and improve your home/office coverage but it gets tricky and requires a lot of experience. And lets be honest – sometimes it is outright impossible in some places and we may recommend to run a wire even if it is difficult.

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Internet Access

We are not an Internet Provider so we cannot offer you a High Speed Internet Service. But we are experts at troubleshooting networks and computers, so if you lost your Internet we can quickly determine if you have an internal network problem or if you lost your Internet and need to call your provider. Many times the problem is with your router or computer and not the Internet Service.

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File and Printer Sharing

Once you have a functional network there are a lot of nice things you can do – some of them include sharing or transferring files between your computers or printing to one centrally located printer. Or more importantly – backing up important files from all the computers to a single backup drive. There is even a lot more if you incorporate your network with your home theater system but that is a whole new ball game.

Server Installation and Troubleshooting

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